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Crane work when removing trees should be done only by experienced tree service companies and climbers. Tree removal with a crane is almost always a precarious and dangerous task. This is an area where experience is the key factor. There are many factors that must be considered when using a crane to do tree removal. Like any type of tree service performed in the greater metro Atlanta area using a crane to remove dead, unwanted or fallen trees “safety first” is always paramount. Here are a few of the factors that must be taken into consideration when using a crane for removing trees.

Crane Work And Tree Removal Key Factors

These are some of the top factors you must consider when removing a tree or trees with a crane:

  • Location
  • Access
  • Ground condition
  • Crane size
  • Experience
  • Team work

The Location For Crane Work And Tree Removal

The location for crane work and tree removal is the first area to consider. Let’s look at the first three items above.
The location refers more to where the crane truck can get access than where the tree is. In the video below the crane truck was located on an adjoining lot. The property that was threatened by the fallen tree is actually on another property all together.

Access is also key. The crane truck must be able to have access that offers two things, access to the proper area and terrain to set up and have the ability for the crane boom to operate without causing damage to any other trees, property or the crane truck and boom itself.

Finally, the ground conditions must allow accessibility but even more important support the crane itself.

Crane Work And Tree Removal Key Factors

Factor 4 from the list above provide insight needed when it comes to choosing the right crane size. The crane must be able to handle the job at hand. Too small and the crane truck could tip over. Too big and the crane may not fit in the area necessary, or weigh too much for the ground it is to set up on.

Factors 5,and 6 address the tree service company crew. Their experience is what’s key inn this area. Also, working as a team to reduce injury to property is why the tree climber must have the proper experience, years of experience, in order to do the job right.