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Tree Pruning

The best time to prune any tree is when the tree is dormant. Trees are dormant after the leaves have fallen off in the autumn and before spring buds begin to swell. Tree pruning when the leaves are off the tree provides a better view and idea of how pruning will affect the shape of a tree.

Tree pruning is different than raising the canopy. Raising the canopy is a method of trimming branches at the trunk of the tree and removing them from bottom to top to provide more sunlight and visibility. This tree service is a very effective method of visually enhancing your property.

Pruning is always done at branch junctions and according to season and species. Our focus is on maintaining tree health, form, structure and appearance.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Pruning:

· Improves a trees structure and helps maintain its health.
· Reduction in the level of insects and disease.
· Tree defects can usually be corrected with timely pruning.
· Provides storm damage protection.
· Keeps sidewalks and roadways clear.
· Allows improved light penetration and water distribution.
· Properly maintained trees are a valuable asset to your property.

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