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Tree removal has more benefits than just taking down dead trees that may be a potential problem. Many times, especially with tall pine tree removal, the smaller trees and shrubs can begin to flourish again improving the beauty of your yard. Aged or sick trees may have insects or even termites that can spread to other trees and shrubs on your property.

Our experienced climbers and ground crew remove trees in stages without damage to existing structures or gardens. Omar and Brothers Tree Service can do the complete job safely and help reduce the risk of potential further damage to your property. Watch this tree removal video below where we had to remove trees from behind a condominium in Atlanta that didn’t offer any access to thhe back of the building where the trees were located.

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Tree Removal Can Offer An Ounce Of Prevention

We hear over and over from people, especially when we do emergency tree service calls, “I knew I should have had that tree taken down”. This usually is followed up by, “Hey Omar, do you know of a good contractor or roofer that can fix all this damage?”. Getting a FREE Quote on tree removal before a storm or when you might think there could be problem is always better than waiting until an accident happens or a storm hits. And as we all know, every season in Metro Atlanta has some type of storms associated with it that can cause tree damage. Get an ounce of prevention by finding out if tree removal is the right choice for your situation.

Tree Removal Is Recommended When…

  •  Tree’s are dead, diseased or hazardous
  •  Located too close to structures, walkways, driveways, patios and the like
  •  Have root problems
  •  Causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning
  •  Crowding or causing harm to other trees
  •  To be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  •  To allow for new construction

Most cities in the Metro Atlanta area are not responsible for the removal of limbs, logs or other tree-related waste generated by tree service companies. City ordinance specify that tree service contractors providing tree removal, tree cutting and/or trimming services are required to remove all refuse generated by their services.

One call to 678-478-4445 and the experts at Omar and Brothers Tree Service will be glad to offer you advice and a tree removal job well done.