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Tree service is helpful to homeowners who need to make their yards and landscaping look attractive. Since trees are an integral part of the landscape, they will need attention once in a while to prevent problems such as insects, rot and disease. Omar and Brothers Tree Service is a complete and comprehensive tree service for both homes and businesses. Our services include tree pruning, tree trimming, emergency tree services, tree removal and stump removal. Here’s a brief overview of each service

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Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes trees just fall because of bad weather, flooding and other natural causes. When a tree falls, it can damage roofs, power lines and other utility lines. Its roots can cut off drainage pipes, block drains and rapture roads and pavements. Emergency tree services take care of any tree damage before and after it happen. Tree service eliminates the tree and all its features from the affected area and restores the area back to a usable form. As the name suggests, emergency services are available at any time so that the damage caused by trees remains minimal.

Tree pruning

Pruning refers to the removal of tree branches in a surgical way. It can encompass an entire branch or only its parts. Pruning requires concentration and care. Only experts with the right knowledge should handle the job because any wrong doing will leave the tree looking unattractive. Another thing to consider is the permanence of the changes made. Unlike paint jobs and other repair work, trees take time to grow, so they must be pruned in the right way. Maintaining trees by pruning them ensures that they have adequate nutrition, grow in the required way and do not become a bother in their surrounding.

Tree trimming

When trees are too big for an area such as a backyard, they need trimming. This tree service is similar to pruning. Differences occur in the way cutting takes place. Instead of simply taking out branches uniformly for the sake of nutrition and anchorage, trimming takes care of limbs and shoots too. The trimmed parts are the ones that grow outwards towards other critical obstacles such as houses. Trimming can also be done to improve air circulation, water retention and prevent damage to other trees and buildings.

Tree removal

When trees are no longer needed in an area, then removal is the right service to request. Home renovations, a change of housing plans, clearances for road construction and modification of landscapes can all be reasons for tree removal. The removal service takes away both the tree and its roots and then fills the gap left on the ground with the appropriate soil and vegetation.

Stump removal

If a stump is unsightly and needs to go, the stump removal services take care of the problem. A stump is shredded removed. The shredding occurs up to a given depth that is enough to hold top soil. The depth of shredding the stump can be increased on special request if the space left will hold another tree. Roots attached to the stump are removed too. Eventually, all removal services restore the area occupied by the tree or its remains so that it looks like no tree was ever there.

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